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Résumé : [Event] Cours Toujours ! [11/02]


voici le petit rapport de la course des culs nus qui c’est déroulé tout à l’heure.



Le départ c’est déroulé sans encombre, hormis pour Sir ThomFrost qui c’est pris une flèche juste après les spikewall malheureusement, autorisé, mais je comprend sa déception = Il y en aura d’autres !

Des flèches fusaient dans tout les sens ! Des culs nus partout ! C’était l’horreur 🙂

Puis le groupe c’est peu à peu éparpiller, certains suivaient la route, d’autres coupaient à travers plaines et montagnes.

Enfin Keyo0 est arrivé, les balloches à l’air, sa hache à la main et à passer fièrement cette ligne d’arrivé, suivi de MrNefarious quelques secondes après et enfin de Hbob67.


Témoignage d’un participant, arriver 2nd, Mrnefarious !!!! :

« The spirit of the wind was in all of us like the gas we get from eating too many beans as we waited in the spiked corral before the big race. The tension was high and some contestants let out their animal spirit in anticipation! Especially the [BOK BOK] crew!

Kalasai and LastGon let fly the doors to the open field of glory and we sprang up to speed! Most broke out into a sprint, but some let loose their arrows early to try and thin the field of contestants! Those of us who chose to sprint ahead were forced to zig-zag to avoid a sharp death! 

The searing sun shined brightly ahead of us as we raced toward the sunset. When I reached the first mountain I only seen a couple racers near me. We all cut across it at different locations. A little more running after that and suddenly I seen a building in the distance! It was one of the concrete buildings of Civ 2! I knew the homestretch was within grasp!

It was at this point I also seen a couple of other contestants ahead of me on the road. As I came over the hill I seen the finish line buildings beside the roadway. I let fly an arrow to try to get one of the leaders. Sadly my aim remains terrible with a bow, and I missed horribly. However, someone else nearby wasn’t so bad and I seen one of the contestants flop to the ground. 

As I approached I seen a naked man already at the finish so I just hauled ass to try and place. Somehow I managed to get across the line 2nd! There was a ceremony like an Olympic event held directly after the race. It was beautiful, and pictures were taken. 

When the ceremony ended the blood fever took over many men and their primal instincts took over as they started murdering everyone one around them! I avoided the death tornado by running wide around it, and I managed to get home. I could hear the axes tearing flesh behind me as I fled away from the grizzly scene!

I’d like to congratulate Keyo0 on his victory in this event! Keyo0 continues to prove he is Lord of the Arena by winning yet another event! Also, I’d like to congratulate hbob67 for placing 3rd! Bob is a master craftsman who once built a beautiful sky tower. 

Thank you very much to the administrators for putting on another successful and entertaining event! « 


Voici Keyo0 qui va passer la ligne !!! 



Voici le podium final : 




Merci à tout les participants !!!!!

N’hésitez pas à partagez vos impressions dans les commentaires.




4 commentaires sur “Résumé : [Event] Cours Toujours ! [11/02]
  1. Chai1310b dit :

    Énorme cet évent !
    Encore merci à toute l’équipe 🙂

  2. MyFuckinMess dit :

    Haha bien cool tout ça, merci à vous!

  3. LastGon dit :

    Merci à toi MyFuckinMess pour ta présence, et ton arc 😉 lol